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In response to: How healthy is our economy?

Rick Suarez [Visitor]
So where do we go from here? What is the cure of our current situation? Could we have done better? Is our president out of touch? These are questions that I frequently ask myself but I yet to come up with someone shining the light in the right direction. So what do we do? Do we go to war with the Iranians?... Is that the real reason that we are in Iraq? And at some point take down the Chinese who is the country that we owe the debt to, this way it will be like cleaning out the countries debt and starting all over. Of course let's not forget, that it will probably a new form of government that we will have.

Rick Suarez

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In response to: Open letter to my Congressman

Robert [Visitor]
I must say i agree with you we have let too many young men die in wars without winning A war.The last time we won we did so because we knew we had to win.But it looks like now we fight to just to kill off the young people. And they wonder why we are a nation of old people.American Deaths in World War 1..117,465.. Deaths in World War(2)..418,500.. Deaths in the Korean War.. 36,516.. Deaths in the Vietnam War.. 58,516..Deaths Irag 4,404. So I'd say we must stop all of this if we are not going to fight to win.
Sorry not good in writing letters to people.By the looks of things the war that we will have In this country we'll be the most damaging of all the war we ever had.and less something changes very dramatically.

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In response to: 9-12 March on Washington DC true attendance was one to two million

Here's some video I took of 9-12 from the Mall. I was there from noon to 4 PM.

I was also on the Mall on 1-20. Here's a comparison shot, both done by my wife, from the same spot:

My response to you:
FAKE PHOTO AND VIDEO! Shame on you for lying too. Lies won't get you anywhere. We will prevail after all the main thing we want is our Freedom back.
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In response to: A third political party could be the U.S. inevitable solution

Perucho [Visitor]
We do not need a third party. We need to do what many Latin-American countries do. Set a number of signatures to allow a candidate with a set of ideas to run for office, let’s say 700,000.
Let us assume there are 11 candidates who got 700,000 signatures (people backing him/her) or more to appoint them to run in their particular party’s proposals.
If in the first round in the votes casted there is no candidate with 51% of all eligible casted votes, than the two who have the most votes go for a second round. In this second round between the two who got the most votes the winner is decided.
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In response to: Freedom of Speech is already history

creditcard [Visitor] ·
Agreed my man, We should have to speak for what we ave in our mind, that's how nations embraces them self. We should take preventive setups for that and make the people relies that come out of your busy life to make our nation the strong one.
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In response to: Obama coming to America is speculative fiction

insurance quote [Visitor] ·
Perhaps its a fairy tale, who knows but one thing for sure during his visits in different Arab countries he admired the mentions of there's and get the favor of some Muslim countries. But sooner or later we'll find out whether he is returning as king or its just another fairy tale.
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In response to: Is Barack Obama a U.S. citizen?

MADAN [Visitor]
If Obama is not a US citizen and forced to leave the White House, then what happens next. Do we get Bidden and Pelosi?
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In response to: Obama’s Civilian Security Force or Police State in question

major [Visitor]
The remarks have presently been expunged from the Wall Street Journal Version.

But the video of the speech is still out there
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In response to: Obama’s Civilian Security Force or Police State in question

hal [Visitor]
Hitler had civilians also, about 1 for every 50 people to keep them in line.
Obama has plans for-I don't remember where I got this figure-7 million and, given the population, that makes about 1 for every 50 people. If something isn't done quickly, we are going to be slaves.
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In response to: Obama’s Civilian Security Force or Police State in question

Bryce [Visitor]
The Last time we saw something like this was with Hitler adn the Gustapo. THey were his "National Police Force" adn they bullied people into doing stuff for them, I think we need to rethink this.......
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In response to: The handling of our economy is madness

Lugis [Visitor]
"They have been trying #1 for a while now and it is not working. Can you guess what they will do next?"

Ha Ha! Ocean front property in Arizona, From my front porch, you can see!

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In response to: Only Universal debt forgiveness can save us from disaster.

Thomas [Visitor]
In full agreement. Debt forgiveness has several times happened in history. in Ancient Rome, for instance, with excellent results.

Have a happy new year,

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In response to: The U.S. inevitable economic collapse

I've linked to your post from

"BlogWatch Economy" with a quotation.

People need to understand that the money they are spending is money we will have to pay via direct taxation or by lowering the value of the dollar ... which means saving used, people will no longer be able to pay off their personal debt and their property or future earnings will be taxed.
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In response to: Vote for Country, Freedom and Capitalism

Chepi [Visitor]
This is a new beginning for America! Viva Obama, si se puede!

The forces of intolerance, racism and extremism have been repudiated. We should all celebrate this moment!
Chepi, proud American with Cuban roots
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In response to: Obama’s Socialism would destroy our freedom

Steve [Visitor]
Pepito you are a fool. I wonder how long it would take to break you. You p---y.
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In response to: Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez: Two of a kind?

Steve [Visitor]
Obama is Hugo Chavez lite.
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In response to: Obama’s Socialism would destroy our freedom

Pepito [Visitor]
Let's get real about the basic facts, facts that no one is contesting: the Viet Cong broke John McCain like a little bitch and he sang for them a song of treachery. He betrayed his country and made propaganda tapes and when he got home, he betrayed his fellow vets:

Veterans Against McCain!
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In response to: Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez: Two of a kind?

sissy [Visitor]
excellent !!!!!!!!
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In response to: Is Barack Obama going to be America’s next charismatically leftist leader?

Rebecca Lancaster [Visitor]
Yes, I want Obama and his Vic President to run this county. I am afraid that obama will get kill by some racis group as who was had Palan speech. Obama will never give up the struggle and fight for all American. I think Sara need to go back home
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In response to: Barack vs. Sarah and the experience factor

Rick [Visitor]
You are so wrong.. McCain and Obama are BOTH SENATORS.. Yes, McCain has served in Senate longer than Obama, but they are both Senators. I admit I wish Obama had more experience, but at least Obama acknowledges his lack of experience by choosing Biden, who has more Senate experience than either McCain or Obama and is Chaiman of the Foreign Relations Committee. McCain, on the other hand, chose someone that no one has ever heard of, with no national or international poliitical experience, who has only travelled outside North America once in her lifetime. Obama picked his VP based on his ability to do the job and even to fill in as President, while McCain picked his VP based on her ability to "electrify" his base and get him elected. I feel that shows extreme irresponsibility and poor judgement of John McCain. And what about intelligence? While Obama graduated from Columbia and Harvard, McCain graduated in the bottom 5 out of 900 at a Naval Academy. That is the bottom 0.5%!! The bottom half of the bottom percent!! When you consider that he probably got some preferential treatment considering that both his father and grandfather were Navy Admirals, I doubt McCain would have even graduated if it weren't for his family... Yes, I admit experience is a plus, but for me this election comes down to intelligence and good judgement (Obama) versus poor judgement and not very smart (McCain).

The bottom line is that McCain has no answers. He is doing everything he can to distract this country from the real issues. That is why he chose Palin. That is why all he ever talks about is "patriotism", and the fact that he was a POW and a hero.. While I respect him for that, it does not qualify him to be President.
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